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About Us

Angels Foundation is a non-profit Organisation registered in the UK with the Charity Commission for England and Wales, working across the world to help fight poverty, social injustice and natural disasters. By providing immediate relief and introducing self-sustaining development programs, we aim to invest in effective and long-lasting solutions.


At Angels we look to improve healthcare, education and the lively hood of those in need and pave the way for self-serving communities. We also provide food, medical aid and disaster relief during emergencies and critical intervention that saves lives. This support starts at home across the UK helping our communities, our skilled local teams are able to help even in the most hard-to-reach places, at the most venerable of times. We aim to help and recourses to
those without life's essentials.  

We promote trust and respect among our supporters, partners, employees and the people we support. In our missions of influencing a more caring world, we want to honour every individual and every community we work with.

"Overcoming poverty is not a task of charity, it is an act of justice."

-Nelson Mandela

Our Mission

Our aim is to provide support as well as resources to empower and inspire communities for people to build, create, and plan for a sustainable future. Our projects reflect a global vision with local focus.


We work to deliver long-term, sustainable and cost-effective solutions.One of our key goals is to try and support widows, children and orphans. To provide support and care for both pre- natal and post-natal for women in disadvantaged areas as an immediate priority.

Our Vision

At Angels Foundation, we aim to advance education for public benefit by providing teaching recourses and education programs.  We supply support and activities to provide social welfare and a better quality of life regarding leisure and recreational ventures.


We support those in need, in the UK and anywhere in the world, in particular the disadvantaged countries, whether that be youths, the elderly, people in ill-health or with disabilities and those with a social or economic disadvantage.

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