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Winter Pack Donations

As temperatures plunge this winter, people already on low incomes are facing a worsening cost of living crisis with tax hikes on the horizon. There have been reports of people up and down the country forced to choose between eating or heating their homes, or losing their homes altogether.

Angels Foundation aims has been helping our community by donating packs containing warm clothes, sleeping bags, hand sanitisers and much more, to help anyone in need. During the cold months it's very difficult for vulnerable people to get by. We know this is a rising issue due to the pandemic, however we know we can made a difference.


Angels has been working with Sutton Coldfields MP Andrew Mitchell to support people who are in need, and seeing what we can do to support these people in the future.


We have provided significant amount of basic living essentials for the cold weather, including over 50 sleeping bags, gloves, socks and thermals to help keep people warm. No one should go cold, whether it's because of not having a stable home or whether it's the rising energy prices, we want everyone to be able to access this aid if they need, pleased do not hesitate to contact us if you are in need of this support.

If you're interested in sponsoring us, please send us a message

When you get involved, you are taking one step in the right direction to make the world a better place. 

You can make a difference.

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